Happy chinese new year! Year of Conch Pearl

Conch Pearls Lt wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Conch Pearls Ltd you all a happy Chinese new year. This will be the year of the conch pearl!

This year we are in the dog year, which is the 11th of zodiac animals. Based on the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year happens between late January and the beginning of February. 2018 Chinese New Year is arriving on February 16, 2018. That is the 4715th Chinese year. According to the Chinese Horoscope calendar, 2018 is the Male Earth Dog year.

This new year will be the year of the Conch Pearl, The Dog is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地支—dì zhī) xū (戌), and the hours 7–9 in the evening.

Year of the Conch Pearl

We will take the opportunity to present even more Conch Pearls. Despite the weather, the typhoons and the low amount of pearls found this year, we are lucky enough to become one of the biggest purveyors of this precious gem. We are putting all efforts to promote the Conch Pearls. our mission is to spread all over the world information of Conch Pearls, allowing everyone to appreciate the uniqueness of this gem from the sea. More details on the color and flame classification, and also identity card. Stay tuned and we will surprise you!

Conch Pearls ltd Chinese new year

Conch Pearls ltd Chinese new year


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