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Ocean Flame is a family company

Conch Pearls is a Family

Pierre Vuillet - Conch Pearls Family

Bertrand Ternat - Conch Pearls Family

Conch Pearls Family

The first member of the Conch Pearls Family was the uncle. Pierre Vuillet FGA created Caracol Gems in 1996. His mission was to bring to the most exclusive clients Conch Pearls from the Caribbean. Certainly, thousands of people discovered Conch Pearls and the beauty of those pink pearls through him. He dedicated his life to hunting for the best pearls on the planet and educate thousands of pearls enthusiastics. Recognized as a world expert in natural pearls and also in gems, he supported numerous scientific studies and institutions through education. As a matter of fact, he was giving feedback to gemologist apprentices all over the world. Pierre transmits the company to his nephew to take over the family legacy and keep his vision alive.

In 2014, Bertrand Ternat, his nephew, took over the business with the same dedication and ambition. With Conch Pearls Ltd, he put special attention to the customer’s needs. Developing a tight relationship with jewelers, he built an intensive network of pearl hunters all over the Caribbean. His leitmotiv is to take care of the communities, the people and pearls will come. Most importantly, it’s crucial that the Conch Pearls benefit to the villages where they are found. Developing a unique classification of Conch Pearl’s flames types and colors.