Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Diamond, Conch Pearl, Gem Set and Diamond Brooch, Michael Youssoufian

Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Diamond, Conch Pearl Of floral design, centring upon a cut-cornered square modified brilliant-cut fancy deep brownish greenish yellow diamond weighing 0.93 carat, surrounded by stamens set with diamonds of yellow tint, to the conch pearl petals framed by coloured sapphires, rubies and diamonds, completed by the diamond-set stem and pear-shaped emerald […]

Chopard brooch conch pearl

Chopard brooch conch pearl Chopard art piece. Modelled as an orchid, the pistil set with an elongated pear-shaped conch pearl measuring 140 x 80 x 20mm, capped by pavé-set pink diamonds, the petals and leaf pavé-set with pink spinels and tsavorite garnets respectively, to white and brown diamond pavé-set stem. Diamonds and pink diamonds together […]

Chopard Brooch

The daffodil flower from Chopard has six floral leaves or segments in its perianth, three outer segments, and three inner segments, made of titanium metal. The floral segments are adorned with rows of small white diamonds, and the base of these segments with red spinels.

Tiffany & Co Conch pearls tassel

Tassel necklace, diamond floral motif pendant, suspending a conch pearl, measuring 5.84 mm, cultured pearl, measuring 12.02 mm, and a seed pearl tassel terminating in conch pearls, each measuring 6.23 x 4.84 to 8.42 x 5.53 mm, and a pair of ear pendants, each designed as a line of collet-set circular-cut diamonds and a conch […]