Cоnсh Pеаrlѕ: What Are They?

Cоnсh pearls аrе natural pearls that are very rаrе оf high beauty. Oftеn рink in соlоr like thе ѕhеll оf thе Quееn Conch in whiсh thеу develop, they display an unuѕuаl орtiсаl effect саllеd flame ѕtruсturе. This аddѕ tо thеir mуѕtiquе. Thе prospects of futurе gеnеrаtiоnѕ hаving a сhаnсе tо ѕее these gеmѕ in аll […]

Conch Pearl (Learn All Before Buying) The Latest Research

Conch Pearl (Learn All Before Buying) The Latest Research When you try to look for how to buy a Conch Pearl. Take your time and be patient of making decisions. Before buying the Conch Pearl, I would suggest you to read the first following research by us. As you know ! We are always trying to […]

Assael Conch Pearls Brooch

Assael Conch Pearls Brooch This Assael Conch Pearls Brooch features 5 Sakura/salmon pink Conch Pearls. Once again Assael set the standard with this unique design including a twist of Gatsby spirit in it. Looking at this brooch, you feel like being in a trendy restaurant in Manhattan in the 20’s. Piano music is playing in […]

Mikimoto Conch Pearl brooch

Mikimoto conch pearl brooch This Princesse of Monaco rose brooch is a breathtaking work from Mikimoto. A Conch Pearl glows in the center of this Mikimoto conch pearl brooch. It features a subtle flower, with delicate petals, made of diamonds and pink sapphires set the natural pearl. In addition, demantoid garnets leaves support two Tahitian […]

Assael – Conch pearls and diamond ring

Assael Conch pearls and diamond ring Based on the description Assael did, we already knew it would be an uber-exclusive piece of jewellery from the New-York based pearl expert. And guess what, it is. As a matter of fact, Assael Conch Pearls ring is unique and its design original. Conch Pearls share the center stage with pear shape […]

Assael – Conch pearls and South sea pearls earrings

Assael Conch Pearls and south sea pearls earrings Assael is world famous for their designs and their expertise/experience in pearls. Therefore it’s not really a surprise to see those exquisite earrings. Assael Conch Pearls are complemented by Gem South Sea Pearls and Diamonds in these elegant Drop Earrings. The elegance of the design, color combination […]

Conch Pearls come from the Strombus gigas

Strombus Gigas There are more than 60 different species of conch in the Caribbean. The queen conch, Lobatus gigas,  originally known as Strombus gigas, is the most common and economically important in the Caribbean. The Queen Conch is herbivorous, leaving in seagrass beds. Its habitat varies depending on its development stage. The adult animal has a very large […]

The Queen Conch, its role in the ecosystem

The Queen Conch ecosystem The Caribbean has its own ecosystem. Amongst what can be considered as a hostile environment, the Queen Conch has its own position. Considered as a specialist, the Strombus Gigas eats primarily algal and detritus. As adults in large number, they can have a major influence on benthic productivity processes. For example, young […]