The Queen Conch life in the Caribbean

The Queen Conch lifecycle explained.  Today, we propose you to take the time to understand the Queen Conch lifecycle. From a small egg to a large sea snail, it takes few years for Queen Conch to grow. It’s a long process allowing them to grow a large shell, full of colors, that can reach 40cm. Living […]

Why your Conch pearl needs a CITES?

Your Conch pearl needs a CITES! First of all, CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. It regulates the trade of Queen Conch. Its Appendix II in 1992 listed the Queen Conch (Strombus Gigas). It includes species that may become threatened with extinction, without trade controls and […]

Climate change, what is the influence on the Conch Pearls?

What is the influence on the Conch Pearls? It’s a common question popping up every year. What is the influence of climate change, and/or typhoons on the Queen Conch? Will more pearl appear or there will be less? How will the price evolve? All those questions are complicated to answer. Based on observation, there are […]

Happy chinese new year! Year of Conch Pearl

Conch Pearls Lt wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year! Conch Pearls Ltd you all a happy Chinese new year. This will be the year of the conch pearl! This year we are in the dog year, which is the 11th of zodiac animals. Based on the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year happens between […]

2018 Conch Pearls

Happy new year! 2018 Conch Pearls This new year is getting exciting: 2018 Conch Pearls. We will be traveling around the world to see you. Bringing Conch Pearls to everyone is our mission. From the Bahamas to Geneva, Roma to Hong Kong and Tokyo to Los Angeles, we want everyone to have the opportunity to appreciate natural […]